ETT packaging technology

The final packaging of detergents and cleaning agents in a wide variety of forms and formats, such as powders in bags, pods in boxes or liquids in bottles -is a core competence.


To facilitate maintenance and servicing of the packaging machines, ETT packaging systems are designed to be easily accessible and quick and easy to clean.


The ETT gripper systems of the modularly designed set packers are suitable for soft as well as stable containers. Assortment of plastic packaging is also part of ETT's standard offering.


Body Care covers a whole range of areas - from oral hygiene and sun protection to skin, hair and face care.


Shampoo or deodorant, shower gel or liquid soap, toothpaste or hairspray: when it comes to the final packaging of body care products in plastic bottles, pouches, tubes or aerosol cans, efficiency and flexibility is the key. Because as diverse as the various personal care articles are, so are their formats. You can expect fast and easy format changes as well as flexibility in the design of complete solutions for the final packaging from ETT.


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