KROMBACH Check Valves

Our Krombach® brand has been synonymous with safety, reliability, and extreme durability for more than 60 years.
These valves are used in applications such as steam / water isolations, condenser isolations, cooling tower isolations and seawater isolations, to name a few.

KROMBACH® RK 550 Check Valves

Straight-through and Y-pattern check valves with body and disc seat rings made of stainless steel, and face-to-face dimensions acc. to DIN EN 558-1. Flange dimensions and flange drillings acc. to DIN. Valves suitable for horizontal and vertical installation; spring loaded.

Special designs: * Flanges made according to other standards (BS, ANSI etc.) butt-weld ends or socket-weld ends * Other nominal sizes, materials and further special designs on request.

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KROMBACH® TURK Steam Extraction Check Valves (RK 500)

Krombach® TURK Steam Extraction Check Valves (RK 500) are available in swing check designs with a variety of other design features available.
3“ up to 36“ (DN80 - DN 900)
Pressure Class:
ASME 150 - 600
(PN 16, 25, 40, 63, 100)
-4°F up to + 1022°F
(-20°C up to 550°C)
Cast Carbon Steel A216-WCB
Cast Stainless Steel CF8M
Welded Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel and other materials available

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KROMBACH® RK 570 Wafer Swing Check Valves


Wafer-type swing check valves for installation between flanges, PN 10 / 16, flange sealing with O-rings on both sides.

Special designs:

For installation between flanges PN 6, PN 25, PN 40, ANSI 150 lbs
Construction with return spring
Design with sealing made of NBR, Viton, PTFE or metal-to-metal sealing
Higher nominal sizes up to DN 1000 on request
Further materials as bronze or red bronze on request


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KROMBACH® Ball Check Valves



Engineered solutions for your special check valve requirements.

Krombach® RK 530 Ball Check ValvesValve body in split-body design with screwed or flanged connection on both sides, ball in heavy, not buoyant design made of special rubber for temperatures up to 130°C


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KROMBACH® Tilting Disc Check Valves (RK 510)


Size: 6" - 72" (DN 150 -1800)
Pressure: ASME Class 150 -300 (PN 6, 10, 16, 25)
Temperature: 158°F (+70°C) standard
Maximum Pressure: 580.2 psi (40 bar)
Body Types: Double Flange and Buttweld
Standard Materials: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and other materials available

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KROMBACH® RK 540 Check/Foot Valve



Krombach® RK 540 Check/Foot ValvesBody, internal parts and screen (foot valve only) made of stainless steel, cone guide made of Teflon® brand PTFE, valves are suitable for horizontal and vertical installation; socket connection Rp acc. to ISO 7/1

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